Suda 51 reflects on legacy at Momocon

Suda 51

Suda51 strikes a pose during the 15th annual Momocon. (Yuri Oguma, Game Hedz)

By Jamal Melancon and Yuri Oguma

You’re known for having a lot of western fans, do you think about western audience when you make the game? How do you manage to adopt to a different culture?

That’s…. a difficult question. Ok, for example, when I think about character, especially the protagonist, I think about what kind of background and settings they’re in. If I want to appeal to a western market, I make them western. If I look for a Japanese market, I make them Japanese. When I put those settings out, it naturally becomes “western,” I suppose.

When I directed “Killer7,” Capcom wanted us to make a game that can catch the western audience, so my producer Mikami-san and I worked together to get it right.

What were your goals for “Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes”?

I had many, but the most important goal was to make a game that my fans will enjoy. One of the measures I use for that is the feeling of “there is something more.” I aim to make a game that makes you feel like there is more to the game when you finish it

Suda 51 momocon

(Yuri Oguma, Game Hedz)

Your studio “Grasshopper Manufacture is 21 years old this year. How does it feel like to keep going for 21 years?

Yeah… when I look back, that’s a long history. From 1998 till now, the game industry has changed a lot. I’m grateful that we survived through the change for this long. I don’t normally look to the past, but last year was our 20th year anniversary, and I had some time to look back on the history. In Japan, only 3% of all companies last longer than 20 years. So, I want to give an applause to myself for being in that 3%.

(The room gives Suda51 a round of applause.)

What is your message for fans that are looking forward to your Momocon announcement?

Yeah, tomorrow (5/25) at 5:30, I have my panel at Momocon. I announced Killer7’s PC port last year at Momocon and I wanted to bring something here again. I loved enthusiastic reaction from fans last year, and I want to feel that again. Momocon was one of the biggest, craziest panel experiences I had, and I look forward to experience it once more. I’m so excited!

Travis Touchdown for Smash Ultimate?

It’s in the hands of a giant. I can only pray.